Is divorce the reason you are selling your North Metro Denver area home? If that’s the case, here’s some information I hope helps during this time. This topic can be a bit sensitive, so I will tread lightly…

It can be hard having to sell your home, especially if it’s because of divorce. There’s lots of memories in that home – good or bad. Divorce can be hard in general, but even more so if you’re diving up the assets right? You typically have two choices when it comes to selling your North Metro Denver home because of this. The first being, the home gets sold and then the returns get divided up. The second being, one of the spouses gets the home.

There’s so much to consider for each option and I hope this blog can help you out even if it’s just a little bit!

How To Begin

Are You Selling Because Of Divorce?

One spouse keeping the home may seem like the “easiest” option, but it’s still going to be difficult. While transferring the title may be an easy step, mortgage details possibly won’t. Does your home have a mortgage or second mortgage? What about a secured line of credit or home equity loan? The other spouse won’t want their name on anything anymore so you will have to figure out that part, which may include paying off all subordinate debt on your home. Then you have to consider if the one who is keeping the house can afford the new home loan. 

If one spouse is going to keep said home, you will need to get an accurate fair market valuation for the home and a selling strategy for if it’s to ever be sold. You will first get an appraiser, maybe even two – this way can help you with any possible arguments pertaining to the value of your home. If you get two appraisers you can average the number of what both are presenting. 

Is the spouse planning on selling your home immediately? Do you have HOA costs and fees? What about any debt? Make sure to take all things into consideration. 

Selling Your Home

Are You Selling Because Of Divorce?

While this can be a tough time, selling your North Metro Denver home might just be the right option. Try to agree on a strategy for selling your home. For example, come up with an asking price from your appraisal and then reduce that price by a percentage every x amount of days. There’s so much to consider when selling your home, especially during divorce.

How Can I Help You?

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