What To Fix Before Selling Your North Metro Denver Area Home

Have you been considering selling your North Metro Denver Area home? You might want to consider what steps you should take to get your home ready to sell. What little things can you fix up or improve to help you get the most out of your home? Knowing what you should fix before selling your North Metro Denver home can make a big difference in the selling experience you have. Here are some tips you can use on what to fix before selling your North Metro Denver Area home.

Removing Clutter When Your Selling Your North Metro Denver Area Home

Step one when you are ready to sell your North Metro Denver Area home is to remove all clutter. It helps potential buyers when they see your home to get that wow factor! This helps them envision the space and see how they can make it their own! It’s best to take a hard look at your stuff and either throw it away or move it to a storage unit. The common advice is to make your home look like a “model home.” Buyers want to be able to see the available space your home has to offer. Not closets packed full of clothes! Take down family photos and fill in nail holes and repaint where necessary! You will also want to clean up your garage space, and fridges and freezers. Remember, keeping your home’s space as blank as possible is key! It shows the space your home offers, and it lets the potential homeowner see what they can do with the space to make it their home.

Cosmetics Updates Before Putting Your Home For Sale

Stand outside your front door for five minutes and look around your door and entryway. What does this first up-close look at your home say to the buyer? Some common things that may need attention include the door or trim that may need to be repainted. Also, a welcome mat that should be replaced, or the doorknob hardware may need to be updated. Does the house need a power wash to remove the visible dirt and spider webs? All these help give potential buyers a great first impression of your home! It’s also a good idea to have a bench and coat rack inside the door. With a sign that states to please remove shoes! This shows buyers you care about taking care of your home and helps you, so you don’t get dirt and mud tracked in during showings.

You should also take the time to go room to room and look at things you can touch up! Is there trim that needs to be repaired, or scuffs in the wall that need to be patched? Also, you should update rooms to neutral paint color. If you have hardwood floors and there are scratches in heavy traffic areas, getting the floors waxed and buffed to bring them back to life will make a huge difference. Replace the old worn carpet if possible but at a minimum, have the carpet steam cleaned. Go through every room, closet, and storage area and replace the burned-out light bulbs. A clean, well-lit and freshly painted garage can also make a huge difference.

Big Things To Fix Before Selling Your North Metro Denver Area Home

What To Fix Before Selling Your North Metro Denver Area Home

One of the first things a buyer will do when they are interested in buying your home is hiring an inspector. The inspector will find all that is “wrong” with the home. This will include items that need repair and items that need fixing. It is likely that you will have to have these items fixed anyway. You should consider getting ahead of the curve and hiring an inspector long before you list your home to provide you a report. Then get a handyman or contractors to come in and make the necessary repairs. If you don’t want to fix all these things right now, you can get quotes to show the buyer. This way you can inform them of what the costs are for them to fix these things in the future.

Your home may have been built before certain codes were created, and the inspector will find all of these faults. Do all the electrical outlets near running water have GFCI outlets? Does your home have both working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? Replace these batteries just to make sure they are working fully! You want your home to show buyers it was well-loved for and taken care of! If during their walkthrough they see water spots in the ceiling or walls with holes in them, they might get the impression that there are bigger issues that they can’t see. This could make them give you a lower offer on your home.

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